Woody’s Retreat: Shepherd’s Hut Build

We have had the opportunity to create shepherd’s huts for a wide variety of customers and settings. A recent project was with Claire and Michael. Claire and Michael are the proud owners of Woody’s Retreat, a shepherd’s hut created to make a peaceful space within the tranquil setting of Bolton by Bowland for visitors to come and relax. Just over 18 miles away from Preston, Woody’s Retreat is accessible by motorway links but far enough from the main towns and cities to not interfere with your rural getaway.

The overall goal of this project for Claire was to have a place where their visitors could get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reset in a serine, natural setting, but not be too far away from a pub and restaurant.

Claire liked the idea of collaborating with us to create the structure and framework for the furniture that she could then add her personal touches and style. We discussed Claire’s vision for the Shepherd’s Hut and it was clear that luxury and style was important to this build.

Sitting inside the 22ft long Shepherd’s Hut on the new handcrafted furniture, you can see there is everything you need for a comfortable stay within this rural setting. The sheep wool insulation within the walls are keeping the heat generated by the underfloor heating in on this crisp winter day, but will also help to keep the heat out during the summer months.

The Shepherd’s Hut’s kitchen includes a hob, a sink and a fridge which makes it easy to cook meals throughout your stay. For the times you want a quick snack, there is also a microwave, a toaster and a kettle. In addition to the cushioned bench seat are two chairs and a table facing a large window ideal for birdwatching.

On one side of the Shepherd’s Hut is the private bathroom. The bathroom is fitted with a shower, an electric boiler, sink and a traditional-style high drop toilet with chrome accents.

As we walk across the heated floor to the other side of the Shepherd’s Hut we find the bedroom. This room has a double bed with storage beneath and two wardrobes for your luggage.

With the introduction of this Shepherd’s Hut, Woody’s Retreat has brought luxury accommodation to a setting that would usually be reserved for camping.

Once opening the solid oak door, we walk down the three sturdy wooden steps out of the Shepherd Hut and follow the short gravel path to the sheltered patio. Here we find additional seating where you can hear the woodpeckers in the nearby woodland. Claire named Woody’s Retreat after these residents, who like to pop by the bird feeder from time to time before disappearing again into the trees. Although located on a working farm, the shepherd hut sits on a private plot of land where you can enjoy the scenery without being disturbed by the goings-on at the farm.

As an owner of a successful holiday cottage in Clitheroe, a local town near our workshop, this venture is an expansion of Claire and Michael’s holiday let portfolio, helping to diversify their lodging for their clients. Although this is a business opportunity for Claire and Michael, they speak passionately about their holiday let business and want to make visits convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable for their guests. As small, local business owners ourselves, we find it inspiring to hear other business owners passion and visions for their businesses.

Being active members of the local community, their knowledge about the local area will help make your stay even more enjoyable. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking nearby, Pendle Hill being a very popular destination, with the bonus of convenient mod-cons of a hotel room. In addition to the private bathroom and kitchen, there is a flat-screen TV, plugs to charge your phones and Wi-Fi.

You can now book your stay at Woody’s Retreat via their website or by using your favourite hotel booking sites such as booking.com or even Airbnb. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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