Many Uses For Your Shepherd Hut

There are many uses for a shepherd hut and the great thing is, they can be tailored to reflect your vision. Whether you want a personal space where you can get back to nature, relax in the garden, or have a quiet place to work from or concentrate on your hobbies, we can help to design a space that is right for you.

As well as being a beautiful garden feature, Shepherd Huts are a great addition to any holiday park and a great way to cross over into ‘glamping’. As a shepherd hut lets you be close to nature but also have the home comforts nearby, it can appeal to a variety of holidaymakers.

Garden House

A shepherd hut with a minimal layout (we have some designs to get you started, or you can create your own) is a great way to build your base for outdoor living with some of the comforts of home.

You can sit inside and watch the world go by, use it to store things, or make it your own personal sanctuary outside of your house.

Garden huts and lounges have become extremely popular, but with a shepherd hut, you have the added security of being able to lock it at night. Also with our ever-changing British weather, you’ll be able to use it all year round and to keep your belongings dry whenever those rain clouds arrive.

Photo by Rachel Claire

Art Studio

Being outdoors and in nature has inspired many people to create beautiful artworks. There is something about getting back to nature that we crave and a shepherd hut can help you to do that by moving your art studio outdoors.

Many artists hire studios so that they don’t need to try and work in their own home, finding it easier to work without distractions from other family members and being able to leave their workstation set up and not have to clear it way all the time, ruining the artistic process.

A Wells shepherd hut can be an ideal art studio. It is a room outside of your house (but the small commute means you can spend longer creating art rather than travelling) and our shepherd huts are lined with insulation made from sheep’s wool. This insulation is great at keeping the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. We are very keen to use natural and renewable materials in our huts as we believe it not only benefits the environment but also gives you a better product. As the environment is basically ‘naturally heat controlled’ then your artwork won’t suffer from damp.

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Music Studio

As any musician knows, being able to make some noise is great! With a Wells Shepherd Hut, you can move your music room outside away from distractions and focus on being creative.

Like any skill, practice is a necessity to get good at anything, so the rest of the house will be happy they don’t need to listen to you rehearse the same part over and over and over again! Plus, knowing that you are not disturbing others can help you practice more effectively as you won’t be worried about others listening to you.

Our shepherd huts are a great space to set up a small home studio and if you wanted we will work with you to create soundproofing and could even build the interior to suit your needs.

Photo by Monstera

Home Office

Even if you don’t run a business, you may still need a home office, but would rather keep your spare bedroom exactly that, a bedroom. If you would prefer not to make your guests sleep in a slightly cluttered bedroom/study then a Wells shepherd hut could be a great solution.

woman having a video call with a man
Photo by Cristian Rojas

An extra room

Of course, you could flip this on its head and make the shepherd hut a beautiful and interesting spare bedroom, with its own en-suite and even kitchen for your guests to stay in.

For the business minded:

A holiday-let / glamping

If you are considering using a shepherd hut as a business venture, you already know how popular glamping has become over the years. A shepherd hut is a great way for the guests to blend their desire to be close to nature as they are usually in a beautiful, rural location but can charge their phones in the evening with no hassle and know when they get back their bags and clothes will still be dry.

An office

At Wells Shepherd Huts, our main office is one of our shepherd huts. Of course, we manufacture them, but we find it a nice place to work, with a view of the outdoors and a naturally-heat-controlled environment due to the sheep-wool insulation that we use in all of our huts it is suitable all year around.

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