How much does a shepherd’s hut cost?

That is the million-pound question, folks. This is one of the first questions anyone shopping for a shepherd’s hut will ask when researching their shepherd’s hut options – and for good reason!

We get it. Price matters. It’s not the only consideration, but it’s up there when it comes to important questions.

Price often dictates what style, size, type of shepherd’s hut and any hut options and accessories you might get. An important thing you need to do is develop an initial budget and plan for any other costs that might be associated with the purchase of a shepherd’s hut, for example, planning permission, groundwork required to site the hut, sewage treatment plant (similar to a septic tank system) if you would like a bathroom within the hut and parking areas that may be needed for your guests. No matter what type of hut, size or configuration you might want this is the best place to start.

It’s hard to answer this question right off the cuff.

Because shepherd’s huts have so many variables and options, it’s often difficult to know the price until you have worked out exactly what you want and have had a skilled professional discuss ideas and options as well as assess your land, garden or space that you have earmarked for your shepherd’s hut. As each project is unique it will have its own needs and requirements.

Our goal here is to lean on our experience and our knowledge to educate every potential buyer, even if that guides buyers towards a different product or company. We will do our best to offer some realistic price ranges, based on real hut build estimates. We’ve collated estimates from around the country to get a sense for what these might be in 2024. All this information is available for anyone to view on the interweb.

Price lists throughout this article may be higher than others you come across when roaming the internet. We have seen a lot of those numbers too, and we feel that often they don’t factor in all the finer detailing required to produce a high-quality shepherd’s hut. Furthermore, guarantees and warranties may not be included or even part of the companies’ values. So, we want to provide you with a range of numbers that may better reflect what you will likely pay if you choose a shepherd’s hut from an experienced company. Prices can, and often, vary drastically based on the hut you choose, where you are located, your chosen hut company, and many other factors.

How much does a shepherd’s hut cost?

So based on what we see around the industry these days, shepherd’s huts are priced on average between £20,000 to £42,000 for a smaller hut, whereas the larger huts that may be seen as ‘glamping huts’, are priced around £40,000 to £76,000. Some companies are even offering two shepherd’s huts connected together typically used within the glamping industry, with prices averaging from £79,000 to £130,000. These prices are for what we would call business-ready.

Basically, these huts would include the customer’s specifications:

  • kitchen
  • bath/shower room
  • bed
  • a heating system
  • tables and chairs
  • office desks
  • electrical packages and other furnishings.

These prices don’t include groundwork or infrastructure required ahead of the siting of a hut or planning costs.

As you can appreciate, with any project, these price ranges can increase as you add more options and more elaborate specifications, which might include additional windows, stargazer skylights within the roof of the hut, balconies, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs and so on. We can provide more precise estimates when you access our “Would you like a quote?” section of our website, which you can find below.

What would usually be included in a basic shepherd’s hut?

Although this isn’t intended to be an all-inclusive list, you may expect to see the following included with a basic shepherd’s hut build:

  • a steel chassis with cast iron wheels,
  • oak door,
  • three oak windows, two with openers,
  • sheep wool insulation,
  • electrical package, including three double sockets, two centre ceiling lights, one outside light).32amp,
  • hand-painted interior finish,
  • engineered oak flooring,
  • oak steps to gain access to the hut and wriggly tin cladding.

Some shepherd’s hut packages don’t include other optional extras or chosen additions within the hut build. Please remember that basic shepherd’s huts can differ from company to company, so make a point of asking what the basic hut build includes when you make an enquiry.

Business ready Shepherd’s hut

A business-ready shepherd’s hut would usually include everything in the previous section. In addition it would usually have some extra accessories or additional bespoke items to make it fit for purpose. These prices will on most occasions include electrical packages of various types. This is, of course, unless your shepherd’s hut is for off-grid glamping or a similar idea.

Now, you might be asking yourself “Is this price range a guarantee for your hut build” and the answer is no!

BUT it does provide you with a strong starting point to begin putting a budget together for your shepherd’s hut build.

So, to recap, taking into consideration what your end goal is for your shepherd’s hut will determine the required size. Smaller shepherd’s huts start around £20,000 right up to £76,000 for a larger shepherd’s hut and upwards to £130,000 for two huts connected.

Prices for other options

Remember where we mentioned optional extras and accessories?

Though it might sound like a basic shepherd’s hut covers a lot, we’ve often found that a good few hut shoppers choose to increase their allocated budget to include further options. If we compare purchasing a shepherd’s hut to purchasing a new car, there are opportunities to increase the budget to include additional extras or upgrades that will personalise the car, take it to another level and enhance the experience for you, the customer.

This is the same for shepherd’s huts.

Many shepherd’s hut companies across the country are more than happy to give estimates for individual optional extras and accessories. Just to touch on a few ideas, we have a bullet-point general cost range as of 2024.

  • Kitchen or kitchenette (£4,000 to £12,000)
  • Bathroom/shower room (£3,000 to £10,000)
  • Fixed double bed (£800 to £2,800)
  • Fold away beds (£1,200 to £3,000)
  • Fold away table (£400 to £1,800)
  • Crafted chairs (£400 to £1,200)
  • Dressers/ furniture pieces (£1,400 to £3,000)
  • Office desks (£800 to £2,000)
  • Hot tubs (£4,500 to £20,000)
  • Balconies (£2,000 to £8,000)

This list could go on and on. There are so many optional extras and accessories out there on offer by many hut companies.

Not to repeat myself, but all figures here are estimates and your final shepherd’s hut price may look very different depending on where you shop, and if you ask for bespoke one-off crafted pieces you can expect to see higher prices again. We hope you now have a better feel for the potential cost of purchasing a shepherd’s hut in 2024.

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