Design Your Shepherd Hut

Traditional Shepherd’s hut

The traditional Shepherds hut had a single stable door in the back wall on the left with a little wood burning stove on the right as you entered, this is the opposite end to the steering axle. The comforts with in the hut would have been a single bed across the front of the hut, a small table and chair along with a small window to let light in.

The cast iron wheels sit on the outside of a Shepherd’s hut body, whereas the wheels of a Living van sit under the body and the door in the centre of the steering end.

Different hut sizes available

12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft huts, or even larger.

All our Shepherd’s huts are bespoke and handmade to your specifications. Huts can include features such as bunk beds, single bed, table, chairs, bench seating, window shutters, kitchen area, bathroom and much more. Chassis can be made from oak timber as well as steel.

A bathroom doesn’t have to be placed within the Shepherd’s hut. An 8ft or 9ft Bathroom hut can be manufactured to suit any needs.

Metal Cladding

There are many different colours for the wriggly tin cladding to choose from ranging from greens to reds and blues to greys. These samples can all be seen at our workshop.

Wooden Cladding

Cedar timber or Oak cladding is also available.

Your Journey


The Shepherdess Huts

  • 10 ft shepherd’s hut starting from £20,500 plus VAT
  • 12ft shepherds hut starting from £21,100 plus VAT

The Game Keeper’s Huts

  • 14ft shepherds hut starting from £22,578 plus VAT
  • 16ft shepherds hut starting from £23,424 plus VAT

The River Keeper’s Hut

  • 18ft shepherds hut starting from £28,000 plus VAT

The Farmer’s Rest Huts

  • 20ft shepherds hut starting from £29,900 plus VAT
  • 22ft shepherds hut starting from £31,485 plus VAT

The Crofter’s Hut

  • 23ft x 8ft 5” shepherd’s hut starting from £33,683 plus VAT (at 5%)

The initial deposit is 50% of any final cost.

Halfway through the build we will contact you to update you with how your shepherd hut’s is progressing. Once we are at this stage, you will be required to pay 25% of the remaining cost.

On completion, you will be required to pay the final 25%, along with any additional extras as well as delivery and siting costs. This payment must be paid before delivery can be arranged.

It roughly takes 8 to 10 weeks from commencing work to the finished product depending on specification. We will keep you fully informed of the build with pictures and videos throughout the process and invite you to view the hut at regular intervals if you wish.

Would you like a quote?

Please choose the length of the hut you would like followed by any additional options below:
Please let us know if there are any other details you would like us to think about regarding your new shepherd hut.
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